Creating a Secret Pocket with CosBond Attach & Build

October 21, 2020

While we love our several-episode tutorials, quick cosplay hacks and ideas are just as helpful. And in our previous post, we made a simple phone pouch. In this post, we will be making a  secret pocket. This is a practical addition to any cosplay!

Cosbond Pocket Video 19

Creating a Secret Pocket with CosBond Attach & Build

  1. First, measure how long your zipper will be.
  2. Then, double your fabric and make a rectangle with enough space to fit what you’ll be putting in the pocket.
  3. Cut your fabric out with space on the sides.
  4. Mark where your zipper will go, and cut space for it.
  5. Cut out enough strips of CosBond Attach & Build for the pocket.
  6. Peel and stick the Attach & Build to your zipper.
  7. Now, stick your zipper to the pocket.
  8. Put Attach & Build around the inside quarter of your pocket.
  9. Peel and stick both fabric pieces together. Iron these pieces together, and then flip the pocket inside out.
  10. Now, Peel and stick two, large pieces of Attach & Build to the back.
  11. Lastly, simply stick the pocket to the inside of your armor.

Now we all have a secret pocket to hide inside our armor. You can put your phone, keys, or snacks into this pocket to keep you cosplaying all day long!

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