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Sep 04. 2019

Making Illuminated Cosplay with EL & LED Wire Manager Strips

Looking to upgrade your cosplay or add some ...

author: CosBond

Cosplay Adhesives EL & LED Wire Manager
Sep 02. 2019

ABS Plastic and 3D Printing for Cosplay: Material Guide

3D printing is one of the most innovative techniques in the crafting industry today, and that includes its place in the cosplay community. It's ...

author: CosBond

Cosplay Materials ABS Plastic
Aug 28. 2019

Making Metal Cosplay Pieces: Material Guide

Have you ever gone truly above and beyond for a cosplay? In one way or another, you probably have. For some passionate and skilled cosplayers, ...

author: CosBond

Cosplay Materials Metal
Aug 26. 2019

Using E-6000 Glue for Cosplay

When you want something incredible strong to hold your cosplay together, you have a few heavy-duty options to choose from. As far as intense, ...

author: CosBond

Cosplay Adhesives E-6000
Aug 19. 2019

Instead of working with real glass, which is fragile and heavy and pretty advanced to build with, many cosplayers choose to use acrylic sheets, also known as plexiglass, when they want to build a translucent piece for their cosplay or prop.

- CosBond

author: CosBond

Aug 14. 2019

Making Cosplay from Cardboard: Material Guide

When you hear "budget cosplay," some negative ...

author: CosBond

Cosplay Materials Cardboard
Aug 12. 2019

Sealing Cosplay with Plasti Dip: Adhesive Series

Some sharp-eyed cosplayers might have already noticed it, so we'll acknowledge our title: no,

author: CosBond

Cosplay Adhesives Plasti Dip
Aug 05. 2019

Using Mod Podge in Cosplay: Adhesive Series

While cosplay has been around for many, many ...

author: CosBond

Cosplay Adhesives Mod Podge
Jul 31. 2019

Cosplaying With Clay: Material Guide

Cosplay is definitely an art form — but you probably already knew that. Many of the most impressive cosplays are the result of a combination of ...

author: CosBond

Cosplay Materials Clay
Jul 29. 2019

How to Use CosBond Reinforcer to Strengthen Cosplay Assembly

A little extra insurance never hurts in life or in cosplay. When you're on the floor at a convention, in the middle of a photoshoot, or anywhere ...

author: CosBond

Cosplay Adhesives Reinforcer