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Jun 12. 2019

Wood Glue for Cosplay: Adhesive Series

Plenty of adhesives in the cosplay market are known for pulling double duty. While some products are intended just for bonding materials ...

author: CosBond

Cosplay Adhesives Wood Glue
Jun 10. 2019

Thermoplastics in Cosplay: Material Guide

With every new innovation in the industry, cosplay becomes more complex and exciting as an art form. However, some of the most pivotal cosplay ...

author: CosBond

Thermoplastics Cosplay Materials
Jun 05. 2019

Making Cosplay with Double-Sided Attach & Build: Adhesive Series

Adhesives are an incredibly necessary and integral part of every cosplay, but they can also be seriously frustrating and hard to work with at ...

author: CosBond

Cosplay Adhesives Cosbond Attach & Build
Jun 03. 2019

Using Insulation Foam for Cosplay: Material Guide

There are two sides to cosplay: making and wearing. While both are equally important and challenging, one of the most rewarding parts of any ...

author: CosBond

Foam Cosplay Materials Insulation Foam
May 29. 2019

Using Fabric Glue in Cosplay: Adhesive Series

Cosplayers don't always follow the rules, and most of the time, that's a good thing. They use supplies and raw materials for things they weren't ...

author: CosBond

Fabric Cosplay Adhesives Cosplay Basics Fabric Glue
Cosplay Adhesives Hot Glue
May 20. 2019

Whether you're a cosplay beginner or a more experienced creator, you've probably seen plenty of props and costumes made from EVA foam  a favorite material for many cosplayers regardless of the characters they create.

- CosBond

author: CosBond

May 13. 2019

Using Fabric in Cosplay: Material Guide

Every cosplayer has their favorite and least favorite materials to work with when they're making costumes. One of the most polarizing materials ...

author: CosBond

Fabric Cosplay Materials
Cosplay Tutorials Cosplay Basics Armor Foam
May 01. 2019

Introduction to Contact Cement: Adhesive Series

Cosplay is an intense art; that's not up for debate. While the most experienced cosplayers might sculpt their cosplays and props from expert ...

author: CosBond

Cosplay Adhesives Contact Cement